Khalid Hasan The year 2004 was the hundredth anniversary of KL Saigalâs birth, but it went unmarked in Pakistan. Some time earlier I had asked music aficionado Saeed Malik in Lahore if he could perhaps get a group together to celebrate the memory of the greatest popular singer of the […]

Saigal, one in a million

V. N. Datta Stories from the Raj: Sahibs. Memsahibs and Others. by Pran Nevile. Indialog Publications, New Delhi. Pages 186. Rs 250.  WHEN this book came into my hands, my eyes fell on its black and white pictorial cover showing two sprightly and curious looking women, one blazing with jewellery, and the […]

How carnal desire put England on top

Khalid Hasan  Pran Nevile says though he left Lahore fifty-five years ago, thatâs where his heart has always remained. âœIn a way, you can say, I never left Lahore because it is always with me. I have carried it with me wherever I have gone, and when I look back […]

Memories of pre-1947 Lahore

17 Dec 2002, 0107 hrs IST   His mind finds solace only when it is busy seeking an aspect of life, relating to the yellowed pages of lifeâ’s document gone by. So, every year Pran Neville, former diplomat and author of more than half a dozen books that includes well-received […]

On a journey to discover art of the past

12 Mar 2002, 0152 hrs IST,Vandana Shukla,TNN   <chandigarh: a former diplomat and advisor to the un, pran nevile, is a punjabi who migrated from lahore to this part of the country during the partition and wrote a bestseller, lahore: a sentimental journey (allied and harper collins). the book evoked feelings of […]

Pardey ke peeche kya hai: Women of the past

Prabhjot Singh Tribune News Service Chandigarh, March 10 His knowledge of the cultural and social history of India under colonial rule is encyclopaedic. He lives in the pre-camera age and his books speak volumes for his in depth research into several areas of the British Empire.   He is none […]

Colonial rule – His forte

Revisiting the British gaze on the begums, the nautch girls and the ayahs of India By S. Kalidas  “When one writes about women, one must dip one’s pen in the colours of the rainbow and scatter the dust from butterfly wings on the page…“ -Denis Diderot, Sur les Femmes   Well, Pran […]

Bibis of the Raj

By Khushwant Singh IT took European artists to open the world’s eyes to the beauty of Indian women. Some were able to capture them in their sketch books or on canvas: by riversides while bathing, drawing water from wells or going to temples. A few managed to enter harems by […]

Unveiling Indian women

NEW DELHI, Sept 5: For the septuagenarians who had gathered to discuss life in Lahore, it was a rollicking time. Nostalgia peppered with old Punjabi jokes conjured images that had laid buried for a long time. The congregation was discussing Pran Nevile’s Lahore: A Sentimental Journey. And it was a sentimental journey for […]

Septuagenarians journey down the memory lanes of Lahore