Stories from the Raj – Sahibs, Memsahibs and Others

Stories from the Raj – Sahibs, Memsahibs and Others
There was a time when India was proclaimed to be the land of enchantments - the golden Orient, glittering in the best brilliance of sun and song - land of promise, and hope! Devoted to the life and times of common people, both Sahibs and natives, this book seeeks to amuse the readers with some tales of wine, women and song. This narrative covers some of the untold aspects of the Raj which are not usually dealt with in history books. This book takes one into the lives of Sahibs and Memsahibs, and offers an array of entertaining tales about their interests and lifestyles - from the Sahibs' enthusiasm for nautch parties and pig-sticking, to the First Imperial Durbar in Deli, to intriguing stories about Brahmin astrologers, and fascinating accounts of jugglers adept at the great Indian rope trick. Nevile's prose has the relaxed, easy familiarity of a veteran dinner-table raconteur, and the narrative, interspersed with period paintings and photographs, transports the reader to another era - the Raj, its set of cultural idiosyncrasies, and a colorful casts of mavericks and their eccentricities.
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About the Book
Publisher: Indialog Publications
Publication Year: 2004
ISBN: 8187981644
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