India Through American Eyes: 100 Years Ago

India Through American Eyes: 100 Years Ago
The book presents a rare collection of writings on India of the early twetieth century, which witnessed an upsurge in American consciousness of India. Culled from ASIA - the American Magazine On The Orient, (1901-46) the articles cover a wide range of subjects from the nautch girls, snake charmers, caste and class, faith and folk lore, Christianity and Hinduism to the British Raj, Mahatma Gandhi and his strategies of non-violence and civil disobedience for the freedom struggle and the personality of Tata, the industrial genius. First time brought in print these writings of great historical value, now titled India Through American Eyes provide an insight into India of bygone era.
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About the Book
Publisher: Primus Books
Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: 9380607563
ISBN: 9789380607566
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