PRAN NEVILE was born in Lahore and took his post graduate degree from Government College Lahore. He had a distinguished career in the Indian Foreign Service and the United Nations. During his tenure he was posted in Japan, Poland and Yugoslavia, former USSR and USA. He was also Director of the State Trading Corporation; and in-charge of 7 countries in East Europe. His last posting was Consul General of India in Chicago. He also had a 6 year tenure with UNCTAD in Geneva looking after East Europe. His Specialization has been in trade with Commicon Countries that include East Europe and former USSR. After retirement, he turned a freelance writer and specializes in the study of Indian art and culture.

His particular fascination with the performing arts inspired him to spend nearly seven years researching in the leading libraries and museums of England and the U.S.A. to enable him produce the sumptuously illustrated masterpiece ‘Nautch Girls of India’ in 1996. Highly acclaimed by the media, it was considered to be a pioneering work in this field. Nevile has written extensively for Indian newspapers and journals and is the author of some well known books such as ‘Lahore – A Sentimental Journey’, ‘Love Stories from the Raj’, ‘Rare Glimpses of the Raj’, ‘Beyond the Veil – Indian Women in the Raj’, ‘Stories form the Raj – Sahibs, Memsahibs and others’, ‘K.L. Saigal – Immortal singer and superstar’, ‘Marvels of Indian Painting – Rise and Demise of Company School’ and Tribune: An Anthology 1881-2006.

Nevile has been invited by institutions in India and also Universities in England and the U.S.A. to speak on themes related to Indian art and culture. He has also acted as consultant for two BBC films on the Raj viz. Ruling Passions and The Land of Kama Sutra.

As the founder of K.L. Saigal Memorial Cicle, Nevile was instrumental in persuading the Ministry of Culture to hold a function in Delhi for K.L. Saigal Centenary Celebrations in 2004. During the past decade or so he has also organized numerous musical events at The India International Centre and The India Habitat Centre in the memory of eminent and outstanding forgotten singers, composers, poets and lyricists of yesteryears. In the process he has been able to promote quite a few upcoming young artistes who have participated in his highly popular events. Incidentally, he has been organizing these functions without any sponsorship, support or patronage from any quarter, with his own resources reflecting his passion for music. So much so, that his audience honoured him with an appreciative award – ‘abhinandan patra’ which was presented to him by Shri Vasant Sathe on 29th December 2005 at the IIC Auditorium.